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Craft – Value Built into Life by Passion and Hobby

Usefulness of Craft

I want to build software as my craft because the barrier of entry is very low compared to physical products. The reach of software such as mobile apps is unprecedented using the great connective power of the Internet. The market is the entire world, with Facebook and Google laying the tracks of Internet connectivity. They are providing the world with free internet as a mutually beneficial value to all. They gain new customers to use their services and control the top channel while the population they’ve enriched now become more knowledgeable and hopefully improve their lives and their community as well.

The combination between mobile technology and the Internet is unimaginable. We don’t even know the fullest extent of the Internet yet considering the recent advent of Internet of Things. Mobile technology and the Internet allows for endless possibilities of mobile apps. I don’t know why I still sometimes feel ashamed for saying I left medical school to pursue software, mobile apps to be more specific, but I know I shouldn’t considering how much potential the two domains that give life to mobile apps has in itself. Maybe it’s because I’m still transitioning and getting used to not falsely feeling special to be in a protected, very competitive industry, of medicine and healthcare and I’ve transitioned to one that anyone with drive and a bit of skill can become successful. I feel like I’m cheating to be working in a field with this much potential in comparison! Nevertheless I am happy and excited to be part of the progression of technology.

The beautiful part about software is finding ways to digitize existing brilliant physical systems. One example of many is the mail system. The ideas of inbox, sending mail, all have been brilliantly invented and simply digitized to become electronic mail. Just as emails where it can be sent for free, to any where on the world instantly at anytime; marketplaces are open to customers that can be the entire world with a shop that never closes with virtually no overhead compared to a physical store on some cross intersection. There are limitless possibilities. We have seen that it doesn’t stop at ideas being digitized, but physical electronics too such as Internet connected TV’s, car’s, and so on.

My goal is to become good at what I do in software development because of its potential. Ultimately by entering other industries via internet of ideas and things, I can eventually move to building physical products too such as alternative energy as one of my big interests.

Whether your craft is physical or digital, creating anything is something of value. Through Christina, I’ve come to appreciate makeup as a very viable, lucrative business and market, but only as such. I still find it saddening for the consumer side of the vanity products such as sneakers and makeup. I have experience of sales to consumers who are paying 100x manufacturing cost, with extreme, irrational demand. Makeup demand is said to never be in decline even in midst of economic suffering. They may still be products of value, but this value is only in terms of massive imbalance of wealth transferred to these companies. There is little intrinsic value in the actual product itself.

There’s only one way to characterize this.

Don’t mind if I do.

One of the projects I’m working on will be a small attempt to help people realize the quote above, and if they’re still willing to throw money away.

Don’t mind if I do

Reallocate this money for the creation of more true value.


My postings have slowed because I am adapting to spending more time on my projects and relationship. I need to make headway in producing an MVP. See yall soon!