Hey yall! It’s been a while.

I’ve decided to redesign and reboot my personal website to separate out my personal blogging and personal branding. From the beginning of, I’ve always been on the fence about creating a static front page (that’s also dynamic! What’s the term, dynamic static?) or let the page be the blog and have no distinction.

I chose the latter, but now I want to create a more permanent presence in the digital world. Ironically, in order to gain more ownership of myself, I would have to give up a very small bit of ownership to my blogging to strengthen the whole me. I am choosing to go with and try the former now.

In respect to the blogging part, I would like to combine my personal writings with Medium and try cross posting between the two. I do have some reservations for using Medium as I feel I am handing over a bit of ownership in terms of personality and branding in my writings.

Why I feel this is the right time to try? Well I want to restart my writing with a new audience in mind and shift a little bit away from more personal posts. My primary audience in the past was myself. I used my personal website more as a diary, which included a variety of thoughts and information, everything between professional and personal.

To be clear I’m not trying to hide my views or my life, I simply want to have a more focused website and personal branding. I’ve decided to make my personal website more public and less private. In doing so I have to keep my audience in mind and not write as if a diary to myself. I will be putting my old content on private viewing with the exception of my first post.

Everything has a place and time. I am in the process of putting everything in the right place at the right time.

This change in design would allow me to build out my static front page with dynamic functions! This will allow me to focus what I want to present about my personal branding and serve as a central page to various other platforms and brands such as my startup (currently under wraps)! Additionally, the separation of brand and blogging would allow me to also focus on my blogging content. It will be more professional and also more personal at the same time! Just more organized and consistent.

Sharing my blogging to Medium will send more traffic over to my personal website, and as a result, build my digital presence at by increasing my search authority. By separating blogging and personal branding, the root page now being static would be the most focused rather than among many concerted pieces vying for space.

This rearrangement is exciting for me to experiment and grow, not just my website, but also as a person. I’ve also had a breakthrough as a person and want to move forward with only positive energy and desire, and not that of a desire to appease the past. I want this redesign to reflect my growth and energy.


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