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It has been about a month since school started again. This month I’ve really learned and felt what it means to prioritize my time well. I have learned its importance by having completely utilized all of my time. I had no time left. It felt good. Knowing this, made me realize how much time I’ve wasted.

It is not that we have a short time to live, but that we waste a lot of it. Life is long enough, and a sufficiently generous amount has been given to us for the highest achievements if it were all well invested. But when it is wasted in heedless luxury and spent on no good activity, we are forced at last by death’s final constraint to realize that it has passed away before we knew it was passing. So it is: we are not given a short life but we make it short, and we are not ill-supplied but wasteful of it… Life is long if you know how to use it.

– Seneca, On the Shortness of Life

This is my month of growth, and a month I’d never forget.

Returning to school to study full time computer science, working in a new field, interviewing for internships, networking, managing my online business, building and bringing my internet camera as part of home automation product to market, and finally unveiling my startup Flushed to investors to start moving and breaking things quick; and despite everything, I’m okay.

Everything is relative and the only person to measure is and should be myself. I had wasted a lot of time in the past. My days are full and time well spent. I don’t have time to lounge around or time to waste. I can feel it slipping and feel its invaluable life. I started to value time as it is my own life force. There is almost nothing more powerful than the realization and respect of this absolute truth. Time to move forward and disrupt healthcare.

With this newfound understanding of time, I realized I can’t baby this idea forever. I must attempt and make Flushed happen now. I want to make my vision a reality, and I know if I don’t do it, someone eventually will. I will see this through whether success or failure. I left medical school for this and I am excited! I’ve started revealing my startup Flushed to mentors, friends, potential cofounders, interviewers, and in the coming weeks, investors.

I want to see this happen. I will make it.

Wish me luck~


Hey yall! It’s been a while.

I’ve decided to redesign and reboot my personal website to separate out my personal blogging and personal branding. From the beginning of, I’ve always been on the fence about creating a static front page (that’s also dynamic! What’s the term, dynamic static?) or let the page be the blog and have no distinction.

I chose the latter, but now I want to create a more permanent presence in the digital world. Ironically, in order to gain more ownership of myself, I would have to give up a very small bit of ownership to my blogging to strengthen the whole me. I am choosing to go with and try the former now.

In respect to the blogging part, I would like to combine my personal writings with Medium and try cross posting between the two. I do have some reservations for using Medium as I feel I am handing over a bit of ownership in terms of personality and branding in my writings.

Why I feel this is the right time to try? Well I want to restart my writing with a new audience in mind and shift a little bit away from more personal posts. My primary audience in the past was myself. I used my personal website more as a diary, which included a variety of thoughts and information, everything between professional and personal.

To be clear I’m not trying to hide my views or my life, I simply want to have a more focused website and personal branding. I’ve decided to make my personal website more public and less private. In doing so I have to keep my audience in mind and not write as if a diary to myself. I will be putting my old content on private viewing with the exception of my first post.

Everything has a place and time. I am in the process of putting everything in the right place at the right time.

This change in design would allow me to build out my static front page with dynamic functions! This will allow me to focus what I want to present about my personal branding and serve as a central page to various other platforms and brands such as my startup (currently under wraps)! Additionally, the separation of brand and blogging would allow me to also focus on my blogging content. It will be more professional and also more personal at the same time! Just more organized and consistent.

Sharing my blogging to Medium will send more traffic over to my personal website, and as a result, build my digital presence at by increasing my search authority. By separating blogging and personal branding, the root page now being static would be the most focused rather than among many concerted pieces vying for space.

This rearrangement is exciting for me to experiment and grow, not just my website, but also as a person. I’ve also had a breakthrough as a person and want to move forward with only positive energy and desire, and not that of a desire to appease the past. I want this redesign to reflect my growth and energy.


Internet of Things

I’m a huge believer in what software, or synonymously imagination, has to offer. Software has so many advantages from huge scalability, margins, and unlimited possibilities. The digital world unlike, physical, is built and given life by our imaginations.

At the same time, the fast moving world of technology have enter a time period where it is ready for control of existing physical objects with the imagination of software. Microelectronics, 3D printing, energy source, cloud computing, advanced software, mobile technology, environment, and acceptability have all reached a level where the growth will now be unstoppable and only the inevitable.

Internet of Things is basically giving the imaginary software from the digital space a physical presence to further progress and improve our physical lives. IoT will imbue physical objects and existing physical processes with a sensor to collect information on the environment. IoT allows for two very powerful reward of automation and data collection.

As a result of IoT’s sensors and automated processes, we will produce and collect a huge amount of real time data that is extremely difficult if not impossible for humans using traditional models to refit the trends based on a large constant stream of new information. Accordingly, we will need the power of AI to handle the collected data by learning on its own and continually updating its model.

The ultimate goal of IoT is to free up the only resource that is finite,  time. Almost any task is possible given infinite amount of time, but that’s not reality. Previous seemingly impossible tasks will now be realistic. In a similar vein, we will have much more efficient functions and save us time from doing tedious, nonsensical work that can and should take care of itself. We will have more time.

I am looking forward to Flushed, my IoT startup that I will turn idea to reality. 2017 is going to be a great year.

Still in the Sky

I wasn’t sure what to title my first blog post from a self-hosted site, whether it is actually a new start in my journey or just the interesting, unexpected flow of life.

I should introduce myself before going any further. I am a medical school dropout who chose to pursue technology with hopes to impact the world on a larger scale. I want to spend my life reaching my potential to help progress humanity to the greatness that humans are capable of.

I am very excited to build things as an entrepreneur and someone who greatly appreciates the inter-connective power of mobile apps and the Internet.

I hope to one day usher in a technology that may set me in the position to disrupt the status quo of injustice and suffering.

I will definitely go into more detail slowly about my journey prior to withdrawing from medical school to pursue my desire for greater impact.

I have returned to school for University of Texas at Austin’s computer science program. This time around having obtained a molecular biology degree already and entered medical school, I am much more seasoned and see with new perspective. I’ve realized after going through undergrad once, was that the education and grades earned weren’t what’s important (unfortunately grades alone is the most important factor for med school admission). In hindsight, I strongly believe the most important tradeoff for attending a university is for its resources of dense, highly motivated individuals, huge funding projects, and connections. It is much alike an accelerator/incubator if valued in that sense. Without a doubt I love the opportunities available for developers/programmers at UT and the strong, growing startup culture of Austin.

I didn’t really like the city at first, but it is definitely growing on me. I dreaded the weather, being sunny, humid, and very hot almost 80% of the year. The startup scene is also a double-edged sword, though amazing for what I want to do such as founding tech startups, the food is really a hit or miss that is much overhyped due to it’s nature of being edgy, modern, and widely endorsed by my young freshmen peers (ironically I guess I’m a freshmen too!!). Due to UT’s policies I have to trudge through filler courses I’ve taken already again such as psychology and marketing. The only classes I’m looking forward to are ones relevant to computer science and excitingly Long Horn Startup hosted by Bob Metcalfe (the man invented ethernet) and Josh Baer (founder of Capital Factory).

The startup seminar was the energy I was looking for when deciding to return to school, especially what I expected UT to offer, a vast network and smart individuals. I am definitely neglecting the irrelevant courses to make time for kindling my curiosity in this new field, especially enjoying solving problem with real tools; most importantly, building things.

Being a little late in the game, I am highly motivated to speed up the learning  through personal projects and even start building the technologies I dream of. I’ve grown to love reading books, especially about software development, website development, SEO, marketing, selling, history, and inspiration.

I am currently working on a few iOS projects that I hope to bootstrap to market and/or develop minimum viable products for accelerators/incubators.

In addition to building apps, I wanted to dabble into building my brand, with my personal website and blog as my headquarter. Owning and hosting this blog is a fun learning experience. I have a second domain that I will use to experiment and build using HTML/CSS to what this wonder WordPress powered blog looks and functions like.

I love taking risks and coming back for a computer science degree may seem contradictory, but I am living for others I love as well. So as much as I wanted to go all in, I have to consider their wellbeing as well. I needed a fallback, but entrepreneurship is by far the main game plan.

My name is Andrew Vuong, and I am a developer, entrepreneur, tech lover, and Med School Dropout.

This is only half of the story, my other half is living with me in Austin as well. 🙂

I’m excited to blog and share my exciting experience into the uncertainty of life. Follow my journey here or on:


I’ve taken a leap of faith and have not quite landed yet. I hope I can be of great use to this world when I do.